‘Thank You’ Freebie Bundle Deal!

Freebie Bundle DealI’m running a ‘Thank You’ deal in my Etsy shop this weekend! It’s been awesome to see everyone’s reactions to my pieces this year and it has me so stoked to keep making more art. So, I’m giving things away in my shop!

For every order placed over the tier amounts (before shipping), a freebie bundle will be included! (You pick the designs!)

  • Over $10 – free button!
  • Over $15 – free button and magnet!
  • Over $20 – free button, magnet, and keychain!
  • Over $25 – free button, magnet, keychain, and small print!
  • Over $30 – free button, magnet, keychain, small print, and large print!

This deal will end on Cyber Monday, 11/30/2015, at 11:59pm.

Thank you all! <3

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Gwen Cooper Sketch

Gwen SketchSo, I fell behind on updates here. I will sort that out starting now with this old sketch of Gwen Cooper from the show Torchwood. I originally drew this as the base for a digital painting, but once my computer was stolen and the file was wiped, I lost the motivation to redo and finish it. I still really liked how the sketch turned out though.

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032 – Wand – Mythical Merits

Product Photo - Wand 001Wand – Badge Number 032

Background Information: Coming soon.

Badge Requirements:

  • Hunters: Never use a wand without proper training. Find a a tutor and learn some tricks of the trade.
  • Scholars: In 800 words, discuss some of the ingredients used in wand making and rank them in terms of rarity. Include what each ingredient brings to the wand’s power.

Shop Link:   Pin or Magnet   –   Keychain

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031 – Witch – Mythical Merits

Product Photo - Witch 001Witch – Badge Number 031

Background Information: Coming soon.

Badge Requirements:

  • Hunters: Witches, based on their power and alignment, can be dangerous. Seek out and talk to a White Witch.
  • Scholars: Write 1,000 words about the various styles and methods of Witchcraft (compare at least 3). Include historical accounts and legends/myths based on region.

Shop Link:   Pin or Magnet   –   Keychain

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030 – Hippocampus – Mythical Merits

Product Photo - Hippocampus 001Hippocampus – Badge Number 030

Background Information: Coming soon.

Badge Requirements:

  • Hunters: Take a photo of a Hippocampus.
  • Scholars: From research, write 800 words about the history of the Hippocampus from at least two regions.On a photo or drawing, label the relevant anatomyof the creature.

Shop Link:   Pin or Magnet   –   Keychain

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Mythical Merits – Leather Patches

Leather Patch Bag 001 Leather Patch Group 001I haven’t been able to make the Mythical Merit series into fabric patches for several reasons, but to compensate for the time being, I got the idea to make them into nice, rugged leather patches instead. I’m so thrilled with how they turned out!

These are larger than my buttons (about 2.5 inches along the side) so a single one works great on a small bag and multiples can nest together on a medium to large bag. All the details have been etched with a laser for ultimate resistance against wear and tear. Holes have been pre-cut to make for easy sewing.

Phoenix 001Depending on the response, I’ll expand into all my Mythical Merit designs, but for now, the following are available:

Loch Ness Monster / WerewolfGhost / Kraken / Phoenix / Demon Trap / Dream Demon ‘Bill Cipher’

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Spoon Meter Necklace

Simple Silver Ch 001 Simple Silver Ring 003After being introduced to Spoon Theory by my friend Daunt on Tumblr, I was intrigued by the idea that a person could easily and accurately convey their level of mental, emotional, and physical energy to another. After doing more research into how Spoon Theory was started, I inspired to create this necklace that could help some friends of mine out in a fun and cute way.

Thus was born the Spoon Meter necklace! Each spoon charm has its own lobster clasp so as the wearer’s spoon level changes, so can the necklace as each charm is added or removed.

Spoon charms are available in:

  • Silver Acrylic – Simple Spoon Shape
  • Silver Acrylic – Elegant Spoon Shape
  • Wood – Simple Spoon Shape
  • Wood – Elegant Spoon Shape
  • Custom painted! – Simple Spoon Shape that has been hand painted with custom chosen colors.

Custom B Color ComboFor more information about Spoon Theory, please read the following links:

But You Don’t Look Sick

Spoons Masterpost on No More Ramen

Pixel Spoon Meter – Inspiration

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029 – Gobblewonker – Mythical Merits

Product Photo - Gobblewonker 001Gobblewonker – Badge Number 029

Background Information: Coming soon.

Badge Requirements:

  • Hunters: Snap a photo of a Gobblewonker! (We recommend taking at least 17 disposable cameras.)
  • Scholars: In 800 words, describe the differences between the Gobblewonker versus the Loch Ness Monster in regards to behavior, location, and overall appearance.

Shop Link:   Pin or Magnet   –   Keychain

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