Dean and Castiel – Lilo and Stitch Inspired

deancasweek2014This was done for a Dean and Castiel group on Tumblr. Their theme this year was animated movies so I immediately picked Lilo and Stitch. If you’ve never seen that movie or the show Supernatural, there are great similarities between Stitch and Castiel as ‘alien’ characters that find and make their own family unit with humans on Earth. In this alternative universe, Castiel would hide his angelic true form like Stitch does and instead of Elvis, Dean would probably try to convert Cas to Led Zeppelin.

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Grizzly Bear

BearI did a few different variations of this drawing before settling into this ink and marker version. This version itself was originally on a normal rectangle page, but I liked the idea of carving and negative space. The tears along the edges of the white are actual tears in the page.

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Misha Collins

Misha CollinsEmerald City Comic Convention is quickly approaching. Last year’s con was the catalyst to this little path that I’m on, introducing me to my current partners in crime.

I also had the opportunity to meet Misha Collins. I really can’t explain just how much that meant to me, especially since I don’t normally care about meeting celebrities. I found this photo after digging through my personal journal and it still makes me happy.

I talked about the convention for weeks after. The whole experience ended up being one of my favorite events from 2013.


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Ceramic Mug

mugThis mug is from my college ceramics class way back when. Some sizable chunks were taken out of the rim during one of my many moves so it was sequestered away in a box somewhere. (I was actually quite fond of using it and having it damaged made me pretty upset.)

About a year ago, however, I ran across a post about the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which is repairing broken ceramics with a gold sprinkled resin. The result of which can be absolutely stunning. Instead of being focused on how imperfect the damaged mug was, I decided to embrace the idea of making the mishaps and mistakes a celebrated part of the piece.

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Purple Orca Sketch

Purple OrcaFinally got the chance to see Blackfish. I have really mixed feelings about the subject manner, because of my own personal experience with seeing orcas in captivity.
I think my adoration for these animals is largely due to that close up exposure to them at a young age. So an orca was the first thing that came to me when I sat down to work on a daily drawing.

View on Tumblr.

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Unicorn Empire

I didn’t make a single post in 2013. Which is really a shame, because numbers-wise, I actually had people visiting my site. I had my article, “10 Ways to Be Happier According to Doctor Who” posted on Reddit and lots of lovely Whovians saying hello.

Part of the reason I was absent in 2013 with my own personal work is that I was pouring myself into a company called Unicorn Empire (on Etsy). We do so many things from clocks to t-shirts to even board games (I will totally post that soon). I’m so happy and excited to be working for such a small, do-it-yourself, creative group. Below is a sampling of some of our current projects with even more coming soon!

Clock Doctor Who ShirtTrio Pillows  Loki Necklace  Sterek Shirt

Camp Shirt
Moon Necklace   SPN Card

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